A Fire for Christmas

A Fire for Christmas
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William R. Hincy


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William R. Hincy

Book Description

It’s Christmas 2020be careful what you wish for! After meeting at a pre-pandemic writers conference, struggling sci-fi novelist Jeffrey Dahl attempts to rekindle a romance with renowned holiday erotica author Lourdes D.P. Ivy. But stay-at-home orders, social distancing, and communication gaffes lead to a series of old-fashioned letters as the would-be lovers exchange Christmas stories.

From William R. Hincy, acclaimed author of the short story anthology Without Expiration, A Fire for Christmas takes a satirical blowtorch to our most cherished holiday stories and traditions.

Will Jeff and Lourdes catch fire? In 2020, nothing is certain.

Featured in the collection:

A Fire for Christmas: Afternoon cartoons-obsessed Billy Lynus has one item on his wish list—a Navy Stan action figure. But if past disappointment is kindling for future humiliation, Billy is primed to ignite a Yule log that’ll burn for Christmases to come.

The Coal Train: After being naughty on Christmas Eve, Moya and her brother Aden awake to find coal in their stockings and a train in their suburban front yard. The duo stowaway on a madcap adventure, but there are no kindred spirits, kindly ghosts or quirky conductors to guide them. And this train isn’t going to the North Pole.

Dungeons and Santa: A lonely teenager devises a plan to make his Christmas wish come true. The catch—Santa.

Hall-Marked at Christmas: Climatologist Moya Hoffman aims to reverse climate change by making it snow across the globe on, you guessed it, Christmas. But matters are complicated when the tiny hamlet of Christmas Village faces stay at home orders after a nefarious stranger goes scrambling through the local mall, maskless and coughing all the way. Throw in a burgeoning romance with new-to-town mechanic Bill Lynus, a desperate desire for human contact after months of isolation, and the potential sale of the family’s antique car museum, and there are all the trimmings for a Christmas romance unfit for cable TV.

It Isn’t, Actually: After a suicide attempt goes awry, former city councilman Jorge Sanchez finds himself pulling his guardian angel from the river. Granted a glimpse of what the town would be like if he was never born, Jorge is left questioning if it’s really a wonderful life. At Christmas!

"I book you can read. There are a lot of words here... probably too much." -- Cousin Elroy
"A riot! The best book ever written!!" -- Mom
"In A Fire for Christmas, William R. Hincy once again proves he is the writer most likely to have multiple personality disorder." -- Hincy's therapist (who really doesn't pay that much attention so, like, what does she know?!?)
"A MUST READ for anyone who's a masochist." -- @DonnaTheDom6969
"I think it's quite good, actually." -- the author

Book Reviews

A Fire for Christmas by William Hincy was a truly enjoyable book. At first, I was like why would I read about Christmas during the summer, but when I started I understood why - this book is exactly the fun read I needed! Lying in the hammock, enjoying the sun, and reading  A Fire for Christmas was the best Sunday ever! I highly recommend it! 


Satire is a very difficult genre and it is hard to find books that can convey the author's thoughts on the pages but this book did it. A Fire for Christmas was a hilarious read! I was compelled by the two author's back and forth and couldn't stop reading till the end. It is easy for me to rate this book 5 stars and recommend it to all adult readers. 


The two authors grabbed me. I loved how different the two authors were - they had a voice of their own. Jeffrey and Lourdes are quite the duo, they were both fun to read. The stories were nice and interesting. Overall, a good book that will make you laugh. I recommend it!


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