Aroha's Cowboy

Aroha's Cowboy
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Eoin MCDonald


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Mystery, Family and Relationships

Eoin McDonald

Book Description

It's a love story but more than that. It is a story about human frailties and heartbreak.

Tragedy struck Aroha's life.

Ever since Highschool, the boys desired the carefree Aroha.

A wealthy land owner's son in Tolaga Bay New Zealand, Nigel, lay claim to her as his casual.

That was until Aroha met Peter in South Dakota while she was on a cultural exchange trip.

Peter didn't have any great ambition, he just wanted to have an exciting life. Marriage wasn't in his plans.

When Peter came to New Zealand and wanted to stay, Aroha saw a convenient situation.

Would Nigel destroy their relationship?

Book Reviews

Aroha's Cowboy is an exciting read, I liked it. Eoin McDonald has a nice writing style, great descriptions, and character development. The novel had an engrossing storyline, and likable characters and is a 4.5-star read for me. I recommend it.


I enjoyed this book and stood late at night to finish it. Peter is a complex and very real character, I loved how he evolved, I felt I know him. The plot is entertaining, the romance is the nice kind of romance, not these soapy kinds that I've seen far too many times. Overall, a great book, don't miss it out.


Aroha's Cowboy by Eoin McDonald is a book worth your time. It immersed me into the story from the beginning. The plot is not only romance but also adventurous, mysterious, and entertaining. The journey to New Zealand was very interesting to me because of the vivid descriptions. I loved it.


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