Keeper of the Vengeance

Keeper of the Vengeance

The Keeper Trilogy (Book 3)


Alyssa Lauseng


Fiction, Action and Adventure, Dark, Fantasy

Alyssa Lauseng

Book Description

At the end of a disastrous revolution, Kulako and Sonika are torn apart by miles of sea. Their only son, Kohaku, has been captured by the Giahatio to be trained as an assassin—a hitokiri.


"We're still here."


In a final bid for his protection, Kohaku's memories were shattered like the rest of the rebellion's aspirations, left to dance in the future's uncertain winds. As he struggles to retain his identity and sanity against Emperor Akuko's infamous cruelty, the fires of vengeance ignite across the world, reaching as far as the spirits as they call,


"Death to the Empire."

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