Love's Sweetest Deliverance

Love's Sweetest Deliverance
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Flora Reigada


Fiction, Contemporary, Drama, Suspense, Women

Flora Reigada

Book Description

When Liz Bertelli thought her life was over, she discovered a locket that sent her on a new journey. That mystery led her away from her ex-husband Steve, to St. Augustine Florida and Carlos Martin, in the first Castle in the Sun novel.

Rosa, Liz's best friend, and Jack, Carlos' brother, join the couple for a festive holiday feast, spiced just right, shortly after the events of Love's Sweetest Revenge.

An unexpected and disturbing phone call interrupts the Christmas meal. Steve is back and determined to ruin Liz's future plans. Hoping to avoid trouble, Liz and Carlos return to Florida. There, they set their sights on restoring a Victorian home into a classy bed and breakfast.

But, as an approaching hurricane rustling palms and stirring up waves, signals impending danger, Steve's escalating behavior forecasts trouble for everyone.

Will Steve ruin Liz's chance at happiness? Or will Jack and his motorcycle buddies be able to tame the hurricane?

And what is with that acorn?

Book Reviews

After reading the first book and loving it, it was natural to keep reading the series. This time Liz and Carlos are engaged and happy but Steve, the ex, wants to mess with their happiness. The novel is well written, it is more dramatic than the first, less mysterious, but as compelling. I will read the third book as well.


This novel captivated me from the start. The characters were well-drawn and interesting, real. I will go back to read the first book because I'm interested in how this all started. Even though I haven't started from the first book it was easy for me to get to know Liz, Carlos, Rosa, and Jack and to follow the story. I highly recommend it.


Love's Sweetest Deliverance is book 2 in the Castle in the Sun series. I enjoyed it, it was well thought out and moving. Carlos and Liz make a cute couple and Steve is definitely a character I disliked. He did ruin their marriage and then he continues messing with Liz's life. A great book, I recommend. 


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