Spencer the Spark

Spencer the Spark
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Not All Wildfires Are Bad!


Rana Boulos


Children's Books, Education, Science

Rana Boulos

Book Description

What is a wildfire?

How does it start and how does it grow?

Why is it beneficial?


Join Spencer the Spark on his great journey to become a mighty wildfire. Spencer grows into a wildfire when he reaches the pine forest, but it is not all bad! Although Spencer causes great destruction, he also helps create new growth for Polly the Pinecone, the entire pine forest, and the land around it.

Book Reviews

Spencer the Spark was a fun and very informative read! I enjoyed it and my girl just kept making me reread it to her and he rarely likes to reread a story. Well, this is praise enough, I think! Delightful, full of information and fun. Absolutely recommended!


The whole Nature Speaks Series is wonderful. I love books that bring children closer to nature. The book "Spencer the Spark" is another great story from this series. I'm sure your children will love it, mine did. Recommended!


I've read Tamara and the Tornado to my kids and since they loved it it was natural for me to get Spencer the Spark. My kids learned a lot about wildfires and to be honest I read a thing or two that was new to me. I highly recommend this charming, educational story.


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