The Mourning Islands

The Mourning Islands
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Douglas Wells


Fiction, Mystery, Suspense

Book Description

The Danger Lies Not In The Water

As a veteran of the 1993 Battle of Mogadishu in Somalia, Talmon Bonnett usually holds his PTSD at bay. When a wealthy couple hires him to spy on Rusty Wing, the man responsible for building the Mourning Island’s new resort, Talmon injects himself into Rusty’s inner circle. Lying about his intentions, Talmon gets to know Rusty’s troubled fiancée Claire, his sinister Cuban first mate Santos, and Marlene, Rusty’s alluring sister.

Talmon and Marlene begin a torrid affair; then someone is murdered, and Talmon learns that two Cuban mobster brothers are the money behind the resort. Talmon forces the couple to divulge the real reason they hired him. Everything is connected to the murder, Rusty’s circle, the mobster brothers, and Claire’s vanished father, who might know something vital.

Talmon’s lie threatens the life he envisions with Marlene. Violence erupts because of a dispute between the brothers, with Rusty’s circle as targets caught in the middle. Talmon desperately seeks Claire’s father, while the two brothers maintain their collision course.

The Mourning Islandsis an electrifying story that fuses mystery, passion, and tragedy against the serene beauty of Florida’s coast.

Book Reviews

The Mourning Islands by Douglas Wells is a book full of surprises. The plot is complex and well thought out, very suspenseful and it kept me on edge many times. The characters are well developed, interesting and most of them likable. A great book, I'm rating it with 5 out of 5 stars and will read more from this author. 


This book is what I call a good suspense thriller. I was hooked from the beginning. All the drama and intrigue, secrets and twists kept me reading and I couldn't stop until I finished it. I rarely like a book this much but The Mourning Islands is one of those books that will stay in my mind for a looong time. 

An absolute must-read for the fans of the genre. 


The Mourning Islands is a well-written novel with a thrilling plot and a very nice set of characters. Talmon Bonnett, the main character, was my favorite, of course. He is a complicated character, well-drawn and felt real.  I enjoyed the novel and I recommend it to fellow readers. It is worth it.


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