Frequently Asked Questions

Why to choose us?

ReviewsFall is one of the few websites that offers a promotion with guaranteed reviews. Your book will be introduced to thousands of readers

Remember: A so-so book with good advertisement and exposure will sell much better than a great book with no advertisement. If you want your story read, you should show it to the world! 

But that's not all - We have a huge team of contributors/reviewers who are always eager to read more books. Our reviewers have your best interest at heart. We'll get you those much-needed reviews, as we know how difficult it is to succeed as an indie author nowadays. A few good reviews can make all the difference when it comes to buyer's conversion.

We value your work and we value your trust. 
This is why we have a Money-Back Guarantee program which ensures that if we don't deliver the guaranteed reviews, you get your money back. 

Risk-free, full transparency, and 100% customer satisfaction - this is our motto. 

As a team that manages several promotional, author support, and representation websites we have the needed expertise and resources to meet your needs as an author. 

If you need help or have any questions, please, contact our customer support.

How to Submit my book?

You can easily submit your book HERE by following the steps of the submission form. You can do that before or after you become a Pro Member. 

Is my manuscript safe in your hands?

Should I share my manuscript with you and if so, how do I know it'll not be distributed for free by any of your reviewers? 

Yes, you're safe! Your manuscript will be shared only with our reviewers who had signed an agreement of non-disclosure and replication.

We have a specialized in-house platform on which we upload your book for our reviewers to read. They can't copy or download any of the content. Once the whole team has read the book and finished with their reviews, the copy we have is permanently deleted from our servers.

Your book will be treated with respect. 

I'm Worried about my rating/reviews. I don't want to recieve 1 or 2-star ratings!

Honest reviews don't mean bad reviews. Every book has its flaws which is perfectly normal.  The reviewers will be respectful and will focus on the positive rather than the negative side of each book. We don't want to ruin your reputation, we want to build it up. 

How do I know my plan works and the reviews I got are because of my promotion on ReviewsFall?

You can easily check our review page and see the reviews from our reviewers. 

How does the Money-back Guarantee Works?

Please, click the button or the right to read all about "Money-back Guarantee"

In case your question is not answered here

Don't hesitate to contact us and we'll try to reply in no more than 24 hours!


Yes, you can add more books to your plan. After you become a Pro Member you can click "Add more books to my plan" and follow the instructions.  

Can I have 2 or more books on one subscription plan?


Can I cancel any time I want?

Absolutely! You can cancel your subscription at will.