Money back guarantee

Information & Conditions

The Money-back Guarantee is pretty straightforward - if you don't receive what we guaranteed, we give you your money back. 

/ For example, you subscribed for a pro member on "Plan X" and this plan guarantees you'll get 5 reviews from the promotion but you received only 3. In this case, we'll give you back your money. /


You can take advantage of the program only if we didn't fulfilled your order. To prevent fraudelent money-back requests, we keep detailed reports on each book we advertise. 

To request money back you need to wait until the end of the promotional period you subscribed for. 
You have 30 days after the promotion ends to make a request.


How to make a request? 

Contact us via email: or Contact Form.

After we receive your request, we may ask for more information. 

When should I expect my money back?

Usually, it takes up to 7 days.